wednesday with modern art

Screen Shot 2017-06-08 at 5.30.32 pm.png

Francis Bacon’s life mask
one half-eye and a nose

Tips for kids in summer
and winter and half-spring in their step,

Green shoes

Blue eyes filling with Rothko red

Blue-nailed blue eyes filling up books
anxiety, ekphrasis and pictures

Bacon’s silky oils – curtains dissolving
in front of her face

disappearing into the thick world
outside of the quiet white

Flies – Pt II

Screen Shot 2016-11-02 at 11.18.18 pm.png 

This day, like others in the house

away from the wind

is filled with small plotlines


Squashed by a clap of the hands in an hour

as the pen scribbles out the point


Plotline, space, plotline, space

one fly killed, space, ten flies killed


A walk around the block

(a purpose slotted into a space)


The flies appear aimless, but they’re not

 I appear full of purpose, but


 I find

the day whittled away

with only squashed flies to show for it.

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Flies – pt I

Screen Shot 2016-11-02 at 11.23.37 pm.png

All day long, away from the cloudy wind

grabbing flies from the air

Absurd irritation in their dizzying dance
and so rude,
the small and silent attack
on personal space

Poetry works when small and large things
are put in dialogue

Like my hand on this page, or me in this house
and the flies around my face

Is that rain?

Parallel Universe 1: No Cars

In my universe, we walk everywhere. Because of this, we have extraordinary calf muscles. Everything in our culture revolves around the love of calves. We love baby cows too, but moreso, the glowing lower half of the human leg.

One day, Rohu was walking to school. On the way, he trips on some thick and mysterious rope and is paralysed. He lies here for several days and no-one realises. See, school is secondary to calf-training. Rohu has always been fantastic with his calf-training, so we simply assumed that he was forgoing school for extra calf-training. He’s such a committed boy like that.

Whilst Rohu is lying, still as a bean, on the foot-friendly bitumen, he is inadvertently face-to-face with the tiny creatures that dwell in the dirt. He realises that in this dirt, there are tiny cars. Seeing the tiny creatures in their tiny cars causes Rohu’s consciousness to expand.

The key fact that I have as of yet forgotten to tell you is that before this, our society had no conception of a car. We love travel. We live to travel. But travel depends solely on the strength of one’s calf muscles.

So when Rohu’s consciousness expanded, it was because his fundamental truths of our universe shifted. I.e., the truth that calf muscles are the most superior items we could imagine.

Sand Down the Western Highway

Screen Shot 2016-12-17 at 1.23.47 pm.png

The words I’ve been reading
Sand I’ve been treading
Pasted on my ankles and hands

And what I talk about
When I talk about now

Your long hair
Tied back in the days I’m gone

I hope the same song
the same lilting chords
Are stuck in your head too

As you watch trams, rain, money
I’m seeing you
and the wide open sea

My favourite backdrop

Again, Milk and Light


Circular stains from the milk that

dribbled down the side of

the all-day drinking cup;


A near-perfect venn-diagram

only visible when the 4pm light

peers into my aquarium home


It’s like your concerned brow and

my bullet-beating heart on Skype

yesterday with the drinking cup and yours

seventeen hours behind


We battle to find

that rounded diamond of understanding

as hours tick by


In between the months and the all-day screen

always the same screen, the same concerns

and the same bullets


Dribble down the side

as light pours in: 4pm, 6pm, 10am & again


A frustrated dance around the diamond

On either sides of the all-day screen

with cups and confusion and love


An unanswered question

ticking beneath the desk for both of us